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Leaving Louisiana

Country Music, Nashville

By: Stephen Paul 

Get the inside story behind Stephen Paul's hit single "Leaving Louisiana"

Don't Be Afraid to Bloom

EDM, New Music, Artist, Musician

By: Tinsley 

Hear the story behind Tinsley's debut single coming out on November 7th! 

Search for Inspiration

Pop, R&B, Music, Musician, Song, LA, New York, Spain

By: Cesar Santalo

Find out how Cesar overcame his struggles to find some new inspiration. 

The Journey: What the Band means to Me

Band, Rock, Story, Musicians, Pop

By: Nathan Hurley from Guys on a Bus

Discover the events that took place to make Guys on a Bus Nathan's family

The Big Move

By: Tim Riehm 

Discover the struggles of picking up everything for a move to Nashville to pursue a music career 

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Welcome to Musicians Hartbeat, a new media company that provides musicians with a platform to connect directly with their fans, in their own words. Founded by Brian Schneider, Musicians Hartbeat publishes first-person stories from musicians, providing unique insight into the daily life of an artist. Through impactful and powerful long- and short-form stories, Musicians Hartbeat brings fans closer than ever to the artists they love.

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We’re living in an age of infinite content sharing, yet a wide gulf still separates artists and fans. Save for social media, there isn’t an open space for fan communication. That is, until now. We’re passionate about connecting you with the people you love and the people that have changed your life. We look forward to being the perfect connection for you. That’s what move us. What moves you?

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